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We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

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What infrastructure do you believe is required to host a top level country domain?

Strictly speaking, none as that's the done by the root servers, as in Comment was more around infrastructure to run name servers for the 2nd level domain, ie or any content hosting. Those would be easily blocked, or ICANN could act if the operator's in breach of their ToS. See also ICANN vs EU and GDPR issues about providing registrant's details.

While .ss may scare away companies that are worried about reputational damage, I'm sure there will be someone to fill the void.

Again that'll be .tv's been run by Verisign, who paid a lot of money to host it.. and has never seemed bothered about reputational damage in pursuit of .$$

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