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But haven't you noticed that pretty much our entire economy these days is oriented towards getting rich people to buy over-priced crap which they don't need, but have been trained to aspire to having? It's a multi-layered thing, sure - sub-orbital hops at the top end, Ferraris in the middle, and Pret sandwiches and Costa coffees at the bottom - but it's how modern consumer economics has worked out, thanks to barely-fettered capitalism. No-one makes money from selling cheap but essential shit to the poor any more.

NB I'm not saying this is good - it actually presages the end of civilisation, whether that comes in the form of climatic catastrophe, or the poor ganging together and deciding that the best way to get by is to kill and eat the rich. But it's the world we now live in, gawd help us.

/ Coat - mine's the one with the little red book in the pocket

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