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Alternatives with support for `--app`?

I use Firefox for browsing and research but I do have a build of an ungoogled fork of Chromium sitting in a folder just because of the `--app` command-line switch. It has uBlock Origin installed (an extension that I consider mandatory, these days) and I use `--app` to launch a tonne of sites as "applications" without having to install any local software.

For example, I have shortcuts for Slack, Skype (web), Trello, Spotify, our corporate Jenkins and GitLab instances. Each shortcut is pinned to my Windows taskbar and that gives me close enough to a native experience: separate windows, without address bars and toolbars, all in the alt-tab carousel.

Without --app, these would all be lost in amongst the mess of tabs in my browser!

--app is grand because it means you can have a sufficiently application-like experience without another piece of bloat installed and automatically phoning home and updating itself, along with its inevitable security holes. Want to "uninstall" something? Simply delete the shortcut that launches it. In the future, with PWAs, I can imagine that --app will only become more useful.

I guess that this change will affect all the Chromium offspring. Sadly, probably that includes Vivaldi, even. So... is there anything that's NOT Chromium-based that provides something like Chromium's --app mode? (Would be great if Firefox would add that! I would only need one browser installed.)

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