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In particular, the egregious use/abuse of javascript by meta-ad providers seeking all sorts of "cleverness" for their Metrics etc. brings browsers to their knees if you have more than a handful of windows open. And then your entire machine grinds to a halt.

You can watch your CPU idling on 5% and no disk activity, while your mouse is frozen and occasional little bursts of alterations/movement happen on any visible browser windows.

Ads I don't have a problem with -- every site needs to feed itself. Hijacking my machine and turning it into an expensive plastic brick I DO have a problem with.

My newspaper has ads. This in no way prevents me reading it, nor does it prevent me from writing a letter or getting a document out of the filing cabinet and reading it ; I am not glued motionless to my chair. The same is not true on my computer if I use the "modern"-ad-supported web: all normal activity is periodically crippled or even suspended.

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