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Nothing 'unites teams' like a good relocation, eh Vodafone?

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I dont agree. You dont know the Thames Valley very well do you?

Newbury barely qualifies as TV and most of the big bods are located in Paddington to smooze Voda Group.

There are a lot more expensive places than Newbury, and its still close enough to tech centers to attract decent talent.

There is no point in locating to the boonies if you cant get decent staff to fill it.

Plus the fact Im guessing that the Newbury campus is wholly owned by Vodafone means its much more cost efficient than leasing offices somewhere else. They could of course have flogged the asset and leased it back - but even then Newbury is hardly prime TV real estate, and very few companies would be big enough to take it on, so its a buyers market.

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