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So you object to single market standards existing even if the UK is part of making them, not the incorrect reporting of them.

You seem to prefer the fact that in the event of Brexit the UK won't be part of the process for creating single market standards, yet if it is to sell to the EU after Brexit it would have to meet them anyway.

I can see no logical rational reason for your stance on this subject.

But if it makes you feel happier, I admit single market standards on jams, bananas, and low power electrical appliances exist, the UK was part of making them, and British newspapers misreported them, and you fell for the Sun, the Express, and the Mail's propaganda on behalf of their non-dom billionaire owners.

By the way, Dyson's buggeted off today. Another one who believes so much in Brexit he's relocated his company HQ out of the chaos that it'll bring and, this is funny, will take advantage of the free trade agreement Singapore has with the EU.

Ever had the feeling you've been had?

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