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"Amit and Jane are paid less than Jack; Amit because he's brown and Jane because she doesn't have a penis" only in the company where someone as biased as you does the recuiting

Jack, Amit, Jane and John all got the wage they accepted, it will ofc be the lowest the employer can get away with however all of them are free to take another job for more money if they are willing to make the effort.

I have been in the situation where I was the best but got paid the least, there was no point in complaining I just moved when the market was ripe. In my last case the low offer was because one of the interviewers wanted a women instead to make up their diversity quota and because he was a sad perv.

The sad fact is that if take what you are offered then that is what you will get, once you have a job then getting another is much less stressful and you have an upper hand in the wage negotations since you always have the option not to leave.

IMHO these people were clearly happy to remain with the wage since they stayed, that is until the opportunity to sue their employer became an option. It must be said there have been a spate of employers being sued by their female employees and relatively few white males suing during the same period, my thinking is that this is increasingly becoming a employment factor such that those diverse workers who do not expect an extra payout just fo rbeing diverse are going to suffer because of their grasping peers

My working experience is that those that stay are typically the same ones who cannot/will not move to better money elsewhere, if you leave then your employer finds out just how valuable you actually were and will ring up offering more money to return, there is no down side to this, the managers who let you leave get slapped and you get more money so why didn't this group? Were they less mobile, proactive in their job searches than their peers or was it just that they knew they could always sue for the difference once it became large enough for some shyster to become interested in doing the dirty work for them, an option I might add that is not availible to me because I am unforgivably white, male and heterosexual. Life in my ignored group is that much harder since no one is interested in saving me from abuse and I am force to do it myself.

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