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Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again

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> I had the {immense, at the time; very annoying, here in the age of eBay} pleasure of throwing a still-

> working Lisa/Mac-XL into a skip, screen-first onto sometime solid and pointy so that it made a great

> spectacle, somewhere around 1987-88. Financial hindsight is a wonderful thing... apparently.

We chucked all three of our Lisas into the office trash skip out back. Would have been 1987. Two of the three Prodrives chucked in as well. Whole. The third followed a shallow arc from the second story walkway into the parking lot below but just landed with a thud. No satisfying disintegration. Then chucked into the trash with its unloved brethren..

Most satisfying destruction of an old machine was throwing an old Powerbook under the tracks of the bulldozer that worked the pit of the Seattle City dump. Would have been around 2002. There were a whole bunch of us throwing smaller stuff into the pit enjoying the crunch crunch crunch of destruction. Quite fun to watch. Although I have heard still does not beat shooting them with a small caliber rifle or a shotgun. I had a friend who did that.

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