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You still seem to completely miss the point, or perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the words being used.

"Discriminate" means to make a distinction between two things.

If you are making a distinction based on sex, then you are discriminating. If you make a distinction based on the color of skin, then you are discriminating. Heck, if you choose your rental car by color you are still discriminating.

When you say a man can't "get it" because he is a man, then not only are you are being discriminatory, you are also being sexist - because you have used sex as the factor to draw a distinction, and you are applying a stereotype against men on the basis of that distinction.

Whether or not your statement is true is immaterial to the argument. You can be factually true and discriminatory at the same time - they are not mutually exclusive.

You keep saying that I am wrong -- but I didn't disagree with you on the substance of your point - I just pointed out that you were being racist and sexist in your statements -- apparently unknowingly so -- and that you were running afoul of political correctness because you can't always be politically correct and tell the truth at the same time.

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