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Wong again.

Let's make things really simple. You will never understand the struggles a fish faces because you're not a fish.. Does that make me fishist for making a statement based solely on your species.? You've misunderstood what the letters 'ist' mean at the end of sexist or racist. You'll never understand the struggles a homeless person faces because I'm assuming you have a roof over your head. Does that make me a person who DISCRIMINATES against homeless people? No it bloody doesn't. That's what sexist and racist means. I don't discriminate . I do my best to understand the others point of view while fully accepting that because of my gender and colour I probably won't fully get it. That's all I'm saying. As white males you'll never fully understand what females and non whites of any gender go through on a daily basis in their workplace. It's not meant to be a criticism. Its just a fact that you need to bear in mind when commenting on issues that you yourself are not directly affected by.

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