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"Depends on what you want it for,

So it is with humans."

That's a very dangerous way to look at it. There was a time when people acted on those beliefs, it fuelled the slave trade and the buying and selling of people for their "attributes". The simple fact is that regardless of "race" everyone is pretty much equally good at what they do. Look at any sport, and you'll find a good mix at any level, and in any sport. Same goes for any profession, intelligence does not know the colour of your skin. We don't breed humans for specific roles, and while skin tone can be attributed to where someone is from geographically, it doesn't stop them from being able to live anywhere on this planet. It's that belief that fuels racism, and it is inherently evil as it allows one to believe they are somehow superior when superiority does not exist and treat fellow humans as if they are animals. We are all human.

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