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Depending on the game, it's Not The Same (although some times it's better). Getting the video and audio just right can be tricky, and some games need a much faster system to emulate successfully.

I presume you actually mean Dosbox, rather than the shell that shipped with DOS 5.

For some old games that use Adlib sound, such as the Commander Keen games, I can't tell the difference between Dosbox and physical hardware. For other games that support Roland sound, the use of Munt is not the same as a real Roland sound module, and some graphical tricks just don't work as well under emulation.

Then again, there are the times when Dosbox is better - when a USB joypad just magically appears as an analogue joystick. Alternatively, Copper is a well known demo from the mid nineties that performs various display tricks. It only runs on real hardware with a fixed frequency monitor (some TFTs will work, multiscan CRTs tend not to always), an ET4000AX (but not any other type of ET4000), and a fairly narrow range of processor frequency. Dosbox plays it perfectly!

Personally I think it's worth the effort for some authentic retro gaming, but it did take a while to assemble and configure everything.

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