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Deltics, me thinks you are referring to CAT5e that was 10 years later; easily done getting confused about that, happens to me each morning, afternoon and night or whenever I get up now.

I don't know why people need hubs in the early 90s, 10Base2 avoided the need for those fangled new devices. Just had to remember the 3, 4, 5 rule and no problems ............ until you had to diagnose a fault. Oh what fun that could be. :-) I still have, BNC connections, BNC T pieces (hands up anyone who didn't make shapes with them), terminators, cable and the bloody cable cutter and crimpers. I really should dump them but I guess I channel an inner hoarder in me.

Always thought 10Base2 was a misnomer when the distance was 185mts (though I guess they couldn't call it 10Base185), when 10Base5 was actually 500mts. Didn't get to play with 10Base5 or the high tech Vampire Tap.

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