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An as employee in a free market YOU get to decide how much you make. A prospective employer makes an offer, and you are free to accept or decline the offer.

If you accept it, it is YOUR OWN FAULT if you accepted an offer lower than average. Furthermore, you are only WORTH as much as the person behind you on the list is willing to take for the same job, no matter how much you think you are worth. Your labor is essentially a commodity, treat it as such.**

The solution? Know your worth, and don't accept less. Don't wait for them to tell you what they think you are worth, step up and make your worth known. If you remain unemployed then you overestimated your worth. If you want to increase your worth, learn some marketable skills.

It is up to you and you alone. Quit blaming others. It is not the job of society to train or educate you, and it is not the job of society to employ you.

** Think of your labor as a gallon of milk. As a consumer you can go into any number of grocery stores to buy your milk. The price is going to vary from store to store. Some decide go to the cheapest store, some decide to go to a more convenient store and pay more. The fact that someone else paid more for the milk at a convenient store doesn't make the lower price of the grocery store "unfair" to the milk or to the farmer who produced it. It also doesn't mean that the person going to the convenient store was price gouged. There are many more factors than just price that go into a purchasing decision.

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