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On the software side... a walk down (my) memory lane

Little known outside of Cullinet and Apple... there was a failed agreement over a(n eventually failed) PC software product from Cullinet Software: Goldengate (yes, there was a Goldengate from Cullinet before there was a Goldengate from Oracle).

It was an integrated suite of PC software, similar to Lotus 123, but it had one additional feature; integration with IDMS on the mainframe (Cullinet's bread and butter product). You could access mainframe databases and download them into your PC... this in the mid-80s.

There was an 'understanding' regarding creating a port of some of this to Lisa (I even have a button celebrating this partnership: "The Intelligent Link"), but it failed for reasons I don't fully understand... suffice it to say it never happened.

Goldengate worked, after a fashion, but never caught fire in the marketplace and Cullinet... well the bones are now part of CA.

I DO have a copy of Goldengate still in the original shrinkwrap packaging for the right price (or right computer museum).

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