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Which year it was? JPEG specs were published in the early 1990s, when 386 were already old models, the 486 was the main Intel processors and Pentiums were the new kid on the block.

Anyway, the Photoshop 1.0.1 code published by the Computer History Museum contains routines to rotate images. Anyway, Photoshop became available for Windows only in 1992, version 2.5. It supported Win32s for larger address spaces two years later, but also dropped 386 support. And for a long time it was a Mac first, Windows later software.

About the CD, it looks you found some of the ISO 9660 limitations (but not the files per directory, an issue of your burning software?). Again, a CD burner indicates an early 1990 period.

Still, as said elsewhere, Windows lacked color management features which are critical for professional work, especially when working on photos. It could be less important when only using a few spot colors (i.e. logos, some publications without photos, only graphics) .

But that of course matters real users, not mouse-shakers.

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