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The telcos (worldwide) got into the ISP business because they saw people making voice calls via the Internet - breaking their cozy cartels and overnight ISPs went from being their "best customers" to being "THE ENEMY"

It wasn't helped by outfits like SeMeWe laying their own cables and speculatively leading the curve on international bandwidth provision - telcos were used to dictating how much bandwidth you got and how much you paid for it.

The Internet turned the whole market model upside down and Telcos weren't ready for that. They attempted to come into the market and shut it down, but that didn't work. They attempted to take it over and that didn't work either (except in some places like the USA). Most are still not coming to terms with it. What you see in the USA is playing out in a number of other countries - but those other countries tend to be 3rd world shitholes, not "advanced economies" and those other countries are for the most part trying to change things to emulate other advanced economies with actual competitive marketplaces.

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