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Ridiculous comment. It's not a simple equation about John and Jane. You need to look at the hiring policy over a period of time.


John works for oracle. He's an Oracle Financials consultant. Oracle find they need more consultants so they go on a recruitment drive and employ 3 more people: Jack, Amit and Jane. All 3 have equal skills. Amit and Jane are paid less than Jack; Amit because he's brown and Jane because she doesn't have a penis. What's more after a year in their new roles Jack gets a larger bonus. Now prove that Jack is the more productive person. If you're white and male you'll never get it. I'm brown. I work for oracle. I get paid less than my white counterparts. I always have in every company I've worked for. Fact. If I try to do anything about it I'll get a reputation for being difficult and will probably make things worse for myself. Those women in the US should be congratulated for being brave.

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