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I think the Lisa was expensive because what it was.

I agree that the Mac DTP revolutionised the Commercial / Professional typesetting.

However my point was that it was niche and never going to give Apple what the Apple II and Visicalc did. It was iPod, iPhone most of all that made Apple what it is today. The Lisa, Mac or DTP wasn't going to save it. It was a good decision having postscript & laser printing etc all from one source. Certainly it was some years after 1998 that Windows based solutions with decent graphics, professional DTP rather than budget home user/club and HP laser printers etc started to eat in to Apple's niche Market. Apple shot off their own feet in video edit pro market going after consumer with Final Cut version X.

The OS X was a good step from OS 9. That was 2002 when Macs had become even more niche.

I've never seen a Mac with a decent Apple mouse. If I had a fiver for every Mac user I took pity on and gave a cheap USB mouse to, I'd be rich. I gave the mice away when setting up HP plotters and Windows Networks for Mac users in companies we supported. Every single Apple user was delighted.

Even the mouse on my home Amstrad PCW256 was better than most Apple branded/supplied mice I ever saw.

I wonder will they do an Apple Watch or mini-pocket-iPhone that doubles as a mouse on a Mac? That was a mad idea for a PDA back in 1987, that you could use underside to point when it was in your hand and use it as mouse on the desktop. Cordless with ultrasound to serial adaptor on PC.

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