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Java still the best and will be the best!

A quick search on shows that working in Java is in bulk. If for iOS there are about 2500 offers, for Java it is more than 17000. Of course, one cannot completely rely on these numbers. But the fact that the market for Java on is potentially seven times larger than for the most fashionable iOS suggests that “old Java” feels pretty good.

Java certainly has its own problems. Java haters will continue to sputter and knock on the keyboard, posting malicious comments on the Internet. A garbage collector can cause hiccups and shiver. Data typing is a chore and cannot reject really bad code. Annotations are too complex. New Java features aren't evolving as fast as they were in the past. Braces add some confusion. This list goes on and on.

However, none of the competing technologies could not so widely and deeply land on the shores of the IT industry. Although some of the problems in Java are fairly easy to fix.

Another question is where and how to learn Java?

Java is the primary language for Advanced Placement Computer Science (Advanced Placement (AP) - curriculum and exams for high school students in the US). This means that often for Java students is the first programming language. Thus, Java is further with them "both in sorrow and in joy."

Let's talk about Java learning methods. Who is learning or studying? Very interesting to listen to. Maybe I myself can give a couple of practical training tips.

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