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I just don't understand this. From the article it states "Google has no right to take other people's newspaper articles and give them away for free while plastering its own ads on top it". Where is this happening?

From what I can see of the google news site on mobile and the web is just gives the headline and a photo which doesn't allow any access to the actual news story at all until you click on it, in which case you go to the page provided by the news outlet with their own adverts on it.

This is the same as the search engine which links you through to a site based upon a search of information. I use google news quite a bit and have clicked on publishers that I never would have found or used otherwise - jeez, I've even click on Daily Mail articles because there's been a specific story that has caught my attention.

The article makes it out as though Google is scraping the news page of a publishers and then reproducing it with their own ads? Unless this is a US thing it doesn't seem to be available for me in the UK.

Not only that the news outlets can easily add a text file to stop the news articles being scanned and indexed, something that is built in to all CMS and has been around since the earlier days of the internet. However many choose to create specific pages for Google to display easier on mobile and be part of the news service.

I genuinely don't understand this.

On another note, news outlets have been reproducing each others stories forever. Most stories are a reporting of what another news outlet has reported - often without credit.

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