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Fair use wouldn't cover use of music clips or news stories, for it to be fair dealing it has to cover one of a few very specific categories (research/private study, instruction or examination, criticism or review, news reporting, incidental inclusion, accessibility for visual impairment, parody or pastiche).

News reporting has to be about reporting the news, not collating content as an aggregator. Google News doesn't provide any news reporting beyond repeating others news coverage. Videos using music clips to provide a soundtrack, even if they don't use an entire song and only use a snippet of it, is not fair dealing.

For instance, I watched a video on YT the other day called Top 30 Unexpected Thug Life Moments. It's a series of home videos, TV shows or sports coverage where there is "thug life". Each "moment" used a different rap song snippet to amusingly soundtrack that section. None of the video segments, nor the songs chosen to soundtrack would be covered under fair dealing to claim as fair use.

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