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Hi, Peter. I get that, and I understand why we're not eligible for child benefit. As I say, I was moderately happy with the situation until the overbreeding u-turn.

As it stands, though, if we get my wife to cancel child benefit then we lose £150 per month (or thereabouts) immediately, whilst I'm still paying back £150 per month from 2 years ago. So that's two years of being down by £150 per month instead of just swallowing £150 per month ongoing.

We didn't know that this was going to happen, so we borrowed to do work on the house. I can pay back the 150, but losing 300 each month would be a kick in the balls. We'll either run it until the house bills are paid up or until the kids outgrow it. Whichever.

I appreciate that there are people who need the money a lot more than me. I just grudge losing our benefits (that I'm certain we would have been eligible for in years past), to pay for somebody else's litter.

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