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The lighter side of HMRC: We want your money, but we also want to make you laugh


"...and someone else said they were too short to reach the post box. (If that last one is genuine, things are only going to get worse for this person, as MPs are pushing to ban low-level letterboxes.)"

Sorry to pour cold, humourless water on any part of an article demonstrating the absolutely incredible sense of humour that exists at HMRC, but the MPs were discussing (as your wording rightly says) letterboxes, not post boxes (as your wording also rightly says). But I suppose it is possible that the chappy was hand delivering to HMRC in person.

More interesting would be to hear HMRC's laugh-filled ripostes to these zany justifications they've received. I'll bet there are zingers such as "late filing fine" and "penalty surcharge enclosed"...

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