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Child benefit...

My wife gets child benefit on one side, and it gets taken off me on the other.

I was even onboard with this. Much as I'd rather not have to pay the extra £1800 a year in tax, I appreciate that I earn more than many, many people in this country, and while the benefits were limited to the first two kids I was this as a fair(ish) deal for both sides. Then the government have pulled (yet another) U-turn and decided that child benefit can be paid on all children, not just two. So I'm left pissed off because I'm now funding every spawn of irresponsible fucking machines that won't get a job. And I'm persistently pursued by HMRC who seemingly want to penalise me for working hard.


Also, the traffic was the mother of all shits this morning, so I'm in a grumpy-as-fuck mood.

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