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Re: ....unless they can prove its not copyrighted

why somebody who has been dead for ages still have copyright. copyright should care for artist during his life(and, maybe, relatives for some time after) not immortal(and immoral) companies. its same with patents.

On the one hand I agree with you, on the other.... well, if I create something completely new and own the ip for it, why should you be entitled to presume it belongs equally to you and to my decendants? If I wanted that, I could open access in my will. If I choose to leave something exclusively to the benefit of my family down the generations, well, that is my right - we do it with fundamental stuff like DNA and also with wealth, connections / networking etc.

It's an issue I'm torn on.... mostly because I disagree with forced sequestration of assets, but equally, just how much money does Disney need to make out of Mickey Mouse? (full disclosure, I own Disney shares)

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