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I think that technology is exposing a layer of functional illiteracy among people. I'm seeing a lot of examples online of messages popping up that the user simply does not, or can not read. It's as if their comprehension extends to stuff they know about and expect, but stops short of anything new or unexpected.

Programmers bear some responsibility for this, using unexpected jargon etc., and few companies seem prepared to review all user-facing text for clarity. On the other hand there are a lot of situations where users simply don't see stuff, and not just because they've got a zillion icons on their desktop or too many browser tabs open. We're still using a UX model from the early 90's where the users were expected to have more than a few brain cells, and the ubiquity of software and web pages was just a dream. Unfortunately designers are still hung up on cool animations instead of simplifying what users see so they can't get themselves into trouble.

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