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Error messages

Many error messages (even in Windows) tell you exactly what you need to do to solve the problem at hand. Instead of heeding the message to reboot, add paper to printer, enter a missing value where the glaring red line of text tells them to, they call our (only slightly less clueless) helpdesk.

These are professional people that have advanced degrees (somehow), and are responsible for product designs, safety, and the finances of a large company on which thousands are depending for their paychecks. They also drive cars, vote in elections, breed, and may even (in the USA anyway) own firearms. Many make double or triple my salary, or even more. Sometimes when I solve a problem for one of them, I get "You're a genius!" Um, no, I just apparently did better in reading comprehension when I was in grade school, and sometimes it comes down to knowing how to do a Google search if I don't understand what is going on.

All of this depresses/frightens me on a daily basis.

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