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Not a stunt, Working out the problems involved with Off-Earth farming is an important logical step in space exploration.

There are a lot of previously 'Sci-fi' scenarios that are now not only technically feasible but are rapidly approaching being financially feasible as well. We have landed probes on comets & asteroids > We can land a robotic production facility on them.

Launch cost per Kg is dropping rapidly, Falcon Heavy (starting around the $90M/launch mark) can lift 60 tonnes to LEO & 16 tonnes to Mars. One of the next flights is planned to deliver multiple satellites into different orbits.

I doubt there's anything to stop someone eventually turning up and building a lunar farmstead or colony. It certainly can't stop a totally off-planet state emerging over time and people do have the habit of moving to wherever they can get with the hope of a better life eventually. In the 19th century selling everything and buying a one-way ticket to the Americas moved 10s of millions across the Atlantic on ships built purely to satisfy the demand.

The Moon is only a few days away and presents a far better starting location for any off planet activity.

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