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I've been trying to sell some secondhand network equipment for a friend's charity which does not need it anymore, but I have had difficulty when I posted it under electronics, my reasoning being that it wasn't a computer in and of itself, and that it wasn't exactly accurate to classify it as computer parts. So I waited for a while in the hopes that someone would see it in electronics, but no luck. Then I looked at the things being sold in the computers category. There are a number of computers, but there are various other things. I suppose I can accept that people sell printers and monitors there, after all they are devices that you use with and only with computers, although I still reductively think they should really be somewhere else. I'm not going to fight that battle though because I first have to fight the people selling as computers (these are all real things posted in the past week) printer paper, cameras, bare electric cable, and empty enclosures that once had computer components in them but now do not. Some attempts to categorize just don't work. Whether this is the fault of the options for categories or the people who choose which one to use is an exercise for the reader. In the meantime, does anyone need some switches? Nobody bought them when I reposted them as computers.

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