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> Historical accuracy

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> IBM PC User group was the first dial-up ISP service

As an additional historical note, IBM PC User Group (which I seem to recall was also called Winnet) was purchased by CIX in somewhere between 1998-2000. Sorry, I can't remember more clearly when it was. I do recall that all IBM PC User Groups servers were BSD-based.

CIX also purchased Connect-2 in the same timeframe. Connect-2 was running all Windows-based ISP software (specifically the 'Microsoft Commercial Internet Server' package).

Neither IBMPCUG's nor Connect-2's servers lasted long after CIX bought them: They were mostly integrated into CIX's mainly Solaris server infrastructure. I suspect that CIX quickly lost most of the customers from both ISPs too.

Oh, memories...

Mark Rousell

Formerly tech support, then dev/operations (NT web servers, colo, network design, VPNs, customer router and firewall config), then technical presales at CIX from 1997 to 2001.

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