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Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend


Those of you in a friday mood and looking to be educated in that AI definitely definitely isn't just throwing random words together might enjoy the AI Weirdness blog;

As an example of the delights therein, here's some ice cream flavours:

Bloodie Chunk

Goat Cookie

Rawe Blueberry Fist

Candied Nose

Creme die

Apple Pistachio mouth

Chocolate Moose Mange

Bubblegum Chocolate Basil Aspresso

Lime Pig

Elterfhawe Monkey But

Kaharon Chocolate Mouse Gun

Gu Creamie Turd

Mocoa Pistachoopie

Cookies nutur Coconut Chocolate Fish

Peanut Butter Cookies nut Butter Brece Toasterbrain Blueberry Rose

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