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It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors

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"PC sales are down a lot (mostly due to Win 10..."

ack. I've been saying things consistent with this for a while. 'El Reg' articles from a few years ago even pointed this out when Win 7 and Win 'Ape' (8) laptops sat next to each other on the same shelf, the 7 laptops would sell, and 8 laptops would remain unsold [by comparison].

Intel and AMD and Dell and HP and Lenovo and other PC makers and CPU makers need to STOP hitching their wagons to Micro-shaft's "star", because it's NOT a star, it's a boar with lipstick on the non-oinky end.

And since I still use Windows 7 for a couple of things, purchased pre-installed on a re-worked Lenovo box from e-bay a couple o' years ago [while I still could], having possible activation problems is a _BIG_ problem for me. That's like a BREECH OF CONTRACT as far as I am concerned.

I've got an old Lenovo box with XP on it that I use for 3D printing (and occasionally, old games) and it BETTER continue to work until the hardware fails. Same with the Win 7 box.

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