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Windows is Close to Unusable

Well, that might explain it. I have had my current (Windows 7) work machine for about 4 years. It was purchased new (I was determined not to get Windows 8 or 10) and after an update about one year in, it started putting up the "Windows is not genuine" message every few hours. Very embarrassing when it happens in front of customers. Despite multiple calls to Dell support I couldn't get it sorted. Eventually just forgot about it and was dismissing the message almost without thinking about it when ever it came up.

Flash forward to a few days ago and the message came up again. At that point I realised that it had probably not seen it for quite a while. Presumably some update or other had fixed the problem and I hadn't noticed until this latest problem. The only worrying thing is that this is still happening as I type...

I tend to wait for a while before installing updates because it can take anything up to 90 minutes. Just what you need on a machine that you earn your living with.

At least it's not as bad as my wife's Windows 10 machine (was bought as 8 but was forcibly updated by MS despite us saying no) . It has very few applications installed on top of the OS (MS Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp) and no funny stuff. Despite this is grinds to a halt every few weeks and has to be rebooted multiple times to clear the issue. Eventually, it deteriorates so badly (Start menu actually disappears, applications will no longer run) that I have to completely reinstall.

This is just a fraction of the pain of running Windows.

Unreliable crap.

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