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Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP

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Demon Turnpike was a great email client for its day, though only ever developed for Windows, so my move to Linux left it behind. Took a long time for the likes of Netscape/Mozilla to catch up.

Amazingly I find I am still on Demon broadband. The string BT provide is an insult, not even wet enough to hit 2M so I have been looking at a 4G home hub plus maybe a signal booster and let the landline go to hell in a handcart. Either way it'll be Vodafone, now.

BTW, yes, I have friends in an urban area - Cheltenham to be exact - whose landlines are so awful they have no access to any kind of broadband and struggle to find a dialup service to get online. BT are cutting their own throats these days.

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