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I think you're over stating the case. If the Democrats rely on Ms Ocasio-Cortez voting in parliament, then they will see to it that she has somewhere to stay in DC. She can crouch surf at one of the richer politicians places, without a doubt.

But my question would be, why shouldnt she (or any other politician) be disadvantaged, when they are disadvantaging 800,000 regular government workers? I dont see the politicians gathering around to offer funding/housing for these people to survive the month without pay. Only the polticians can solve this problem, those 800,000 cant (at least not until the next election, but thats 2 years away).

When someon you know is seen to be struggling because of something you're doing, you are more likely to try and fix it. That 800,000 are a faceless number to the Senators and Congressmen/women. but make them see a fellow Senator/Congressman/woman struggling and suddenly their's a much more human face on the suffering you're causing, and that would lead to a much faster compromise....

(on a side note: 800,000 people being furloughed is an insane number. Think about this, the population of the US is ~325 million (source Wikipedia). So effectively 1 in every 400 people in the US is currently furloughed. not 1 in 400 workers. 1 in every 400 people! According to there are ~130 million full time employees in the US, and i think its safe to say the vast majority of government workers would count as full time employees, so that works out at 1 in every 160 full time employees in the US is furloughed. That is f%&king insane!)

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