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And another old name is discarded...

I was with Demon from 1996 to 2000, on Tenner-a-Month and back in the days when they were still technically competent. Anyone remember the Orange ROMP for mobile users ? 9.6K ISDN-like dialup on GSM mobile (HSCSD), before the days of GPRS - hideously expensive (10p/minute) but being able to check e-mail on the move with a Psion 5MX and Ericsson SH888 was quite something back then.

Demon as I knew it died years ago - I remember a colleage migrating to ADSL to keep his static IP, and having no end of problems. By then I was was on Nildram (another name long gone) and eventually migrated to AAISP.

Not many ISP's left from the early days...

Demon - pretty much a shambling zombie in the hands of C&W and then Vodafone, and about to be put out of its misery ;

Pipex - ended up as part of Tiscali, and eventually died as a brand with TalkTalk Business ;

Nildram - ditto ;

EasyNet - originally sold to Sky, but has had a procession of new owners since then ;

ZetNet - went bust and was picked up by Breathe ;

EntaNet - still around, but part of City Fibre ;

Force 9 - merged into PlusNet ;

Elite - still around, but more business-oriented ;

Freeserve - became Wanadoo, then Orange Home, then EE Broadband and eventually part of BT.

Zen are one of the few survivors from that era, along with AAISP and ClaraNet (but they're more business-oriented now).

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