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Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown

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Just to add some facts to the discussion-

Clinton had the longest shutdown in history 21 days. (Trump will beat that if this one lasts 2 more days). He also had a 5 day shutdown.

Obama had a single 16 day shutdown.

Bush Jnr suprisingly didnt have a shutdown

Bush Snr had a single 3 day shutdown

Reagen had 8 shutdowns! Ranging in size from 1 days to 3 days (total 14 days). He pretty much had one Every single year of his presidency!

Trump has so far had 3 shutdowns (in only 2 years!), 1 day, 3 days and currently 20 days. He's 2 shutdown days short of equalling Clinton's total shutdowns over 8 years, in just 2 years.

(Source: - scroll down a bit and you'll see the table)

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