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Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown

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No, TOS, you really don't get it :-)

Pretty much your entire premise is incorrect. Speaking as a Yank who has spent probably 20% of his life in Blighty, trying to compare our two systems on a one-for-one basis is impossible. I'd try to explain it, but I fear I'd run out of ASCII ... Suffice to say that politicians the world over are liars, and will say pretty much anything that'll get themselves (re)elected. Some lie more than others. And some lie so often that even when they think they are telling the truth, they are lying. And a few extremely talented individuals lie so early and often that their followers have become convinced that they are the only ones on the planet telling the truth, even when the lies contradict each other. Trump & Co. + sycophants are in the last group.

It's all very ugly. Beer isn't the answer (voting is!), but it helps. This round's on me.

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