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Time to stop the damn Trump bashing at every turn...

I really dont give a shiite how many downvotes I get, but someone needs to teach you on the other side of the pond how our system works. You see, TRUMP IS RIGHT. It is the responsibility of the indivdual parties to negotiate. Are you telling me that there isn't ONE DAMN THING that the Democrats want in exchange? Because if not, they aren't there to negotiate. TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

You holier than though Europeans paid off Turkey to do your damn dirty work. and vilified Hungary for building a wall prevent losing their whole country by becoming the doormat for Europe. . And you have the damn nerve to sit there and slam Trump? WTH? And you can't figure out how BREXIT happened?

When politics becomes personal to the point that you cant see your way to compromising in order that both sides get some of what they want, you have failed. And in that sense, DEMOCRATS HAVE FAILED. We have a million DACA dreamers whom I would GLADLY let become citizens if we could just shut down the damn border, and get visa overstays under control. At least TRUMP has tried to make it happen instead of kicking the damn can down the road. Which other politician has had the political fortitude DO ANYTHING? The is true with North Korea. All the damn handwringing all over the world, but at least the man tried SOMETHING that nobody else has tried in the last 50 years. And its the same with immigration. This can has been kicked for 30 years. At least he's trying to bring it to some resolution, which is more than you can say for anyone else. And when the MiddleEastern/African invasion of Europe continues for 30 more years and you become weary of millions of immigrants DEMANDING entry into your country, you will hope for someone like Donald Trump to come along and, no matter what an asshole he is, try to do SOMETHING that the elite who run our countries refuse to do.

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