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" ... DRUG CARTELS ... " ...

" ... SEVERELY curtailed because of a wall ... "

That statement ignores the fact that the majority of the drugs coming into America actually come in thru "Ports of Entry" and not "across" the "unsecured" portions of the border.

So spending that money on other "border security" measures, such as increasing inspections at the Ports of Entry would be a much better way of reducing the drug flow.

As to "walls" on the border, we know that they are not effective. The current 700 miles of existing "walls" do "slow" the crossings, but we also know that they are easy to skirt ( over, under around and thru ). And at the demo walls near San Diego , there are examples of how easy they are to breach.

So yea, lets build Trump his wall. Which will be mostly ineffective and cost billions more to repair and maintain. Billions that American taxpayers will have to pay for. Unless you think that Mexico will also be paying for too.

And again let's build Trump his wall. Maybe even put his name on it in big gold letters like he does his buildings. Kind of like a monument. Like we did for the other "great" Presidents ( The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument or Mount Rushmore ).

A monument to Trumps ego and narcissism.

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