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Hubble 'scope camera breaks down amid US govt shutdown, forcing boffins to fix it for free

steve 124

almost forgot

Loved this line:

"considering NASA employees are on involuntary unpaid leave as America is in the midst of a partial government shutdown: President Trump is refusing to sign the paperwork to fund the federal government..."

So it's not got anything to do with the nearly 80% of NASA that got laid off in 2011 during the Obama Era "President's Management Agenda of 2011". That decision led to nearly all the local businesses around Cape Canaveral going bankrupt and shutting down, since their livelihoods relied on NASA patrons.

Too bad, since if we want to fix something like this now, we have to use a Russian Rocket or rent a ride on SpaceX. The space pickup truck fleet (aka space shuttles) now sit in mothballs without a replacement.

Reg, please try to get a few contributors old enough to remember what happened less than a decade ago. Google isn't giving them a clear base of facts to write articles.

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