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Hubble 'scope camera breaks down amid US govt shutdown, forcing boffins to fix it for free

steve 124

fair and balanced reporting

Wow, judging from the title of this article, I figured for sure this would be a Trevor Pott article. It's nice to see the Reg has more than one leftist leaning contributor.

The Hubble broke, "Thanks Trump!"

Nothing like being told Trump sucks by the Brits. The DNR will be sending your absentee ballots in late 2019 so you can help make America weak again.

Aren't you guys voting again to see if you get to leave the EU? I thought that was already voted on, but I guess your DNR equivalent party didn't like that outcome and will just keep letting people vote until they get the results they want. Sigh, the world has gone insane.

Yea, the Trouble with Hubble is my Presidents fault...

"Trolling with a grin on my face" - let's see if that famous British politeness prevents me from getting 100 downvotes.

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