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The USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. And there's a thing called "the electoral college" which was designed to give 'small population states' a bit more clout when it comes to electing a president.

Trump's election strategy was based on the electoral college, which he won with a YUGE margin. If the strategy had been based around getting the popular vote, the results would be different. You might say that Trump looked at the rules and said "this is the most efficient way to get a victory" and so he focused on 'electroal college' victory, and a 'popular vote' victory was ignored.

I think it was _SMART_. It reflects how Trump operates. He goes for the MOST EFFICIENT way to get things done. Then he GETS THINGS DONE.

But out here in Cali-Fornicate-You, the election process has been corrupted to some extent. A new rule, which allows a 3rd party to 'harvest' absentee ballots, basically opened the flood gates for political interests to go around to people who wouldn't otherwise vote, collect their absentee ballots, and turn them in. If those collecting such ballots have a political objective, that is "only collect ballots for those who vote 'correctly'", I could make the case that it *skews* the results. In other words, assuming DEMO[N,C]RATS did this in 2018's election, you would have a DISPROPORTIONATE number of votes for 'D' as opposed to 'R', and we actually SAW that in SEVERAL districts that normally have a Republican majority... ones in the L.A. and San Diego areas, for example.

It's not "voter fraud" per se, it's a majority party "getting sneaky" and legislating an advantage for themselves, then EXPLOITING it to create a super-majority in the state legislature so they can pretty much 'do whatever they want' to the citizens without a whole lot of push-back. Next stop, 'Venezuela' unless something's done about it.

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