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"with the money which would be waster for a useless wall SOCIAL PROGRAMS AND GIVEAWAYS AND COSTS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION"

Fixed it for ya. You're welcome.

If it weren't for those leftists and socialists and hard-line Demo[n,c][R,r]ats and 'RINO' Republicans in Con-Grab, we'd have a MOON BASE (and possibly a Mars colony) by now. WAY more than half of the U.S. Budget is social programs, giveaways, waste, fraud, and abuse. That would be over a TRILLION dollars per year, SAVED, if _THAT_ were eliminated.

By comparison, Trump's $5.7 billion wall request is like a ROUNDING ERROR. And it will pay for itself in cost savings EVERY YEAR when complete, by making the TOTAL COSTS of illegal imigration go down by a factor of A HUNDRED.

So I'd say that a LOT of Space Shuttles [or a more modern equivalent] could be purchased AND operated with the COST SAVINGS of _HAVING_ a wall, as compared to NOT having it and so-called "saving" the $5.7 billion.

Similar kinds of thinking would allow TERMITES to EAT YOUR HOUSE if you think the EXTERMINATOR is just too expensive and so you won't spend the money, harumph, harumph, "how many vacations could I have if I did NOT hire an exterminator" etc..

[and yes, I used this analogy DELIBERATELY to tweek the overly sensitive SJW and snowflake types]

troll icon, because, appropriate.

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