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Most non-live colour is a simulation purely to suit the human eye. Both RGB displays and CYMK printing are tricks. Neither is "real" colour at all. They probably are very poor for guinea pigs (too low refresh rate and maybe different RGB peaks) and many birds (tetrachromatic). Likely a star-faring pan-galactic culture of many species would need horribly complicated cameras and displays.

Also research Colour Rendition vs Colour Temperature of LED vs Halogen vs CFL lamps. RGB leds are useless for room illumination. You need phosphors, though not the same ones as CFL/Fluorescents use as they give a small amount of blue and a lot of UVA and UVB, also broader spectrum.

False colour CAN be only artistic (hand coloured B&W movies from late Victorian era), but most scientific false colour is applied by an algorithm based on science & mathematics, not at all by an artist. It can be used to improve clarity of monochrome images and if you know the algorithm you can get back the original image,

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