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Chinese rover pootles about... on the far side of the friggin' MOON

werdsmith Silver badge

The Moon certainly wasn't low-hanging fruit 50 years ago. It is today.

It seems Space agencies are able to plonk little robots on all sorts of space bodies these days.

What would be impressive would be to bring it back safely.

Or even more impressive, send humans and "return them safely back to earth". That remains the single greatest technological achievement to date. 50 years unsurpassed. Still mind blowing, to build a vehicle capable of lifting 100 tonnes to low earth orbit. Then blast out of that orbit to another orbit round the moon. Detach a lander to the surface, humans get out and walk, drive a car that they brought along, play golf, pick up some rocks.

Then they get back in their little lander, and take off to meet their orbiting vehicle. Transfer to the orbiting vehicle and then blast out of orbit on a trajectory that takes them back to earths orbit. Then re-enter the atmosphere like a meteorite. Do that several times without losing a life on the actual missions.

Top that. Anybody.

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