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IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise...

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Management by PHB wannabes

Itsy Bitsy Morons mismanagement would be improved by firing them and replacing them with PHBs. PHBs would do less damage. The 'problem' with older workers is experience. After you have been around the hype block a few times you tend to be pretty good at smelling marketing bullshit. Plus you are less likely to put with crapware that does not work because you have learned that constantly fiddling with it will never solve the underlying problem. Plus older staff tend to know or understand why something was done a certain way 20+ years ago as they were around when during that time. Thus they are less likely to tolerate mindless, pointless bullshit. Companies often fail to realize the value of the grizzled veterans who have there and done more than a few times.

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