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Why do people keep going on about DJ Phantom drones? They are lovely bit's of kit - but essentially 'Apple' - shiny, expensive and cool. Just like you can actually buy phones without paying £1000 plus, you can buy a drone for pocket money. There is no more reason for a drone to connect to the Internet and report back it's location than there is for a toaster to tell Russel Hobbs how many slices of bread it processed this morning.

To get a 'drone' to fly you need a microprocessor with a 3 axis gyro. That's about a tenner down the river for a piece of kit specially designed to control drones. If you don't want to buy bespoke kit you could modify a Wii controller, or splash out on a cheap smart phone. If you want to tell the 'drone' what to do in real time you need a radio link. The 'drone' doesn't care about frequencies or technologies. Again - splash out 20 quid on a radio designed to control a drone, or use one you have lying around (that cheap mobile phone again). You are, after all, about to break the law, so licencing, frequency congestion etc don't really factor in. You need a few lines of code, luckily lots of it is open source, so feel free to download it - but if you don't want to do that find an eight year old to run you up the software in Scratch. If all that sounds too much like effort you could achieve the same effect with a rubber band powered balsa wood glider and a flashing led re purposed from a xmas tree decoration once the sun has gone down.

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