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@Graham Cobb

"We have now negotiated the best deal we can get and now we know the terms which apply if we go ahead with leaving."

Well that doesnt work. Assuming remain is the best outcome (which it isnt, 3 votes against so far) and Mays deal is considered worse than hard brexit we have a simple answer. We voted leave so remain is not an option, why choose a crap deal by a snivelling remainer and instead choose the leave option remaining- hard brexit.

If remain want to try to rejoin they can try to do it democratically and will have to accept the penalties of joining the EU (not rejoining, not some punishment by the EU, but the costs of surrendering the country to the EU).

Why do the remainers not argue to rejoin? Why is that option so desperately avoided? Why dont remainers want us to ditch the opt outs and half arsed membership of the EU and instead argue to join it proper? Leavers already know the answer, and I suspect remainers know too.

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